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Python Py. PIIntended Audience ScienceResearchTopic ScientificEngineeringgoogle2. Python modules and scripts useful for variable star work in astronomy. Pythonautoml 2. Automated machine learning for production and analyticsautoml 2. Automated machine learning for production and analyticsdsplab 2. A metaanalysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies. The basic tenet behind metaanalyses is that there is a common. Signal processing tools developed by dsplab http dsplab. Exo. SOFT 2. 01. The Exoplanet Simple Orbit Fitting Toolbox Exo. SOFTExoplanetExo. SOFTfaberfase 2. Neuroimaging Predictive Analysisgraynet 2. Individualized single subject networks from T1 mri features such as cortical thickness and gray matter density. T1mriMPInterfacesLatest 2. High throughput analysis of interfaces using VASP and Materials Project tools. VASPmrr. Convert Metek MRR 2 data files to HDFMetek MRR 2HDFpy. DEA 2. 01. 7 0. Package for conducting data envelopment analysispygmsh 2. Python frontend for Gmsh. GmshPythonpypaws 2. Platform for Automated Workflows by SSRLSSRLpyteomics. An Cython accelerated version of common pyteomics functionspyteomicsCythonscikit surprise 2. Area To Point Kriging Software Developer' title='Area To Point Kriging Software Developer' />An easy to use library for recommender systems. RRIRRIscikit learntableschema pandas 2. Generate Pandas data frames, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors. JSONPandastableschema spss 2. A numerical method is proposed to represent the likelihood of contamination of a brownfield using fuzzy boundaries, and then to estimate the parameters in a fuzzy. Effects of clearance and fragmentation on forest compositional change and recovery after 200 years in western New York. PyPIIntended Audience. A set of methods and classes to accurately measure elapsed time. Workflow Python Manager for Reproducible SciencePythonamplpy 2. Python API for AMPLAMPLPython APIcoala 2. Linting and Fixing Code for All Languagescolorednoise 2. Generate Gaussian 1feta noise e. The ggmap command prepares the drawing of the map. The geompoint function adds the layer of data points, as would be normally done in a ggplot. Python package for information theory. Pythonflika 2. An interactive image processing program for biologists written in Python. Implementation of the Markov clustering MCL algorithm in python. PythonMCLMass. Todon. Py 2. 01. Estimate the products of Electron Transfer Dissociation in Mass Spectrometry for a given biological substance and the chemical reaction probabilities that lead to these products. MS proteomics post processing utilities. MSnanoplotter 2. Plotting functions of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data. Oxford Nanoporeneuropythy 2. Toolbox for flexible cortical mesh analysis and registrationnumpy 2. Srimad Bhagavatam Malayalam Pdf. Num. Py array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects. Num. PyOrange. Area To Point Kriging Software DeveloperOrange, a component based data mining framework. Operations Research. Operations Researchparasail 2. The open source particle in cell post processor. Calibrate and simulate linear propagator models for the price impact of an extrinsic order flow. Agrum is a Python wrapper for the C a. Gr. UM librarypy. AgrumC a. Gr. UMPythonpylidc 2. A library for working with the LIDC dataset. LIDCpython eyelinkparser 2. An extensible parser for Eye. Link data files EDFEye. LinkEDFrandomstate 2. Next gen Random. State supporting multiple PRNGsPRNGRandom. Staterq dashboard 2. RQ queues, jobs, and workers in realtime. RQWebscorr 2. Fast and flexible two and three point correlation analysis for time series using spectral methods. Serpent. AI 2. 01. Download Software Philips Gogear Volume Hack more. Game Agent Development Kit. Helping you create AIs Bots to play any game you ownAI text fabric 2. Processor for Text Fabric Datatf nightly 2. Tensor. Flow helps the tensors flow. Tensor. Flowvizdoom 2. Reinforcement learning platform based on Doom. Doomyices 2. Python Bindings for the Yices SMT Solver. Yices SMTPythonasf hyp. Api for ASFs hyp. ASFhyp. 3Apibiorad. Allows reading Bio Rad Bio Rad. A framework for combining interdependent models from multiple languages. Bears for coala Code Analysis Applicationcwltool 2. Common workflow language reference implementationdicom. Earth Engine Python APIEarth Engine Python APIelfi 2. ELFI Engine for Likelihood Free Inference. PythonABCfastr 2. Workflow creation and batch execution environment. Python interface to the Geno. Logics LIMS Laboratory Information Management System server via its REST API. PythonREST APIGeno. Logics LIMShtsget 2. Python API and command line interface for the GA4. GH streaming API. GA4. GHAPIPython APIkrippendorff 2. Fast computation of the Krippendorffs alpha measure. Krippendorfflightgbm 2. Light. GBM Python Package. Light. GBM Pythonmapboxgl 2. Mapbox. GL plugin for Jupyter Notebooks. JupyterMapbox. GLmoirai 2. Digital Control Manager Backend. Digital Control Managermollib 2. Nano. Plot 2. 01. Plotting suite for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments. Oxford Nanoporeplasmapy 2. Python package for plasma physicsPythonplotille 2. Plot in the terminal using braille dots. Generatorspybullet 2. Official Python Interface for the Bullet Physics SDK specialized for Robotics Simulation and Reinforcement Learning. Robotics Simulation and Reinforcement LearningBullet Physics SDKPythonpyclits 2. Python Climate Time Series package. Pythonpyfive 2. A pure python HDF5 file readerpython HDF5rmseq 2. RM seq is a bioinformatics tool for for assessing resistance mutations from PE short reads. RM seqPErobodk 2. Robo. DK tools for simulating and programming industrial robots and the API for Robo. DK softwareRobo. DKRobo. DKAPIscikit image 2. Image processing routines for Sci. Py. Sci. Pyscopus 2. Python based API Wrapper to access Scopus. ScopusPythonAPI Wrappersirepo 2. GUIspyking circus 2. Fast spike sorting by template matchingtensorcore 2. Multilinear algebra package supporting basic operations on dense and sparse tensorsUTide 2. Python distribution of the Mat. Lab package UTide. PythonMat. LabUTideaboleth 2. Bayesian supervised deep learning with Tensor. Flow. BayesianTensor. Flowaceto 2. Accelerated Charge and Energy Transfer Objectscxflow tensorflow 2. Tensor. Flow extension for cxflow. Tensor. Flowdcor 2. Python. dcorPythondjango daiquiri 2.