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Posted : adminOn 10/17/2017

ECU Car Chip Tuning like Alientech KTag Auto RemappingULTIMATE CAR TUNING In 4 Easy Steps 1 Plug It In 2 Download Map From Car 3 Edit Map 4 Upload Map To Car and Most of All. Game Total War Shogun 2. Enjoy Its Performance Boost. Live demonstration using KESS to readwrite data to car. KESS V2 chip tuning kit latest 2. It lets you download vehicles ECU chip data even if its encrypted, like on new cars which you can then modify using a car map editing software. Once edited, upload the data file back to car and see immediate changes with performance, dynamics, component behavior, etc. Heres how it works in 4 steps. STEP 1 Plug KESS into cars OBD II port. AlienTech KESS V2 chip tuning kit lets you quickly, easily and safely tune car performance and modify its component behavior in 4 easy steps. Remap guide for Tuning VP37 and VP44 Rotary Diesel Pumps, Diesel Tuning Guide, Remap Diesel, Bosch Injection Tuning, Diesel, Tuning Parts, ECU TUNING, Chip. STEP 2 Plug KESS into laptops USB port. STEP 3 Launch KESS software. STEP 4 ReadWrite data to vehicles EEPROM ECU chip. Whats more, tuningremapping is completely safe because you can backup and restore original ECU data back to car in 1 click. Whos it for. Its either for home car owners whod like to save on fuel, improve horse power, adjust driving comfort like RPM to gear change. Or for high tech advanced car technicianstuning shops who already tune for customers and need a tuner with a much larger vehicle support. Or even if youd like to start tuning for money. Features See what new features V2. No Token Limitation Unlimited use. No need to worry about tokens any more. Supports EDC 1. 5, EDC 1. ECUs as listed below. Covers all major Brands and Protocols including Line, CAN, EDC1. MED1. 7 and Ford J1. Supported Languages English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French. Includes checksum for most vehicles. Check of the battery voltage in real time. Full Recovery function in case of problems no worries about damaging your cars ECU dataAutomatic correction of the Checksum. Boot Loader mode supported. Management of the programming counters. Scan. Tool function to remove DTCs Diagnostic Trouble Fault CodesSeveral options of readingwriting speed. Option to write full filesection of the map. Full integration with ECM Titanium, meaning it can work with ECM Titanium perfectly. Works very similar to Alientech KESSv. Yet more affordable. List of Vehicles Supported NOTES The year of your car doesnt matter. As long as below list matches your vehicle model KESS will let you to readwrite its ECU chip for tuning, reflashing, reprogramming. Supports dieselpetrolgas. CAR LIST See here exact modelsECU supported LIST 1    LIST 2Look under KESSv. ECU tuning files download. For all car makes. Come and find file suitable for your own vehicle Choose good hardware, software and tune your vehicle yourself INFINITY SERIES 3 PROGRAMMABLE EFI OVERVIEW AEMs Infinity Series 3 Programmable ECU platform is designed for popular early and latemodel throttle body and port. EcuFlash. EcuFlash is a freeware project from Openport creators. You can download the latest version from the official website. You can download the latest beta. Focus, Focus RS Mk2 2009, ford performance tuning parts. View and Download ECU Master EMU user manual online. Engine management unit. EMU Automobile Electronics pdf manual download. Car computer ECU flashers programmers database How to flash ECU. Fiatecuscan 3. 62 is fiat alfa lancia ecu reader scanner. Fiat ecu scan cable for fiat ecu repair. Fiat ecu scanner supported Airbag, ABS, Power Steering and CAN. Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' title='Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' />Alfa. Alfa Romeo. Audi. BMWChevrolet. Chrysler. Citroen. Dodge. Ferrari. Fiat. Ford. General Motors GMGilera. Guzzi. Honda. Hyundai. Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' title='Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' />Jeep. Kia. Lancia. Land Rover. Mercedes. Mini Cooper. Mitsubishi. Nissan. Opel. Peugeot. Porsche. Renault. Saab. Seat. Skoda. Smart. SSang. Yong. Suzuki. Toyota. Vauxhall. VW VolkswagenSee here exact modelsECU supported LIST 1    LIST 2Look under KESSv. KESS V2 OBD Connection How to connect to the car Requirements Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. Both 3. 26. 4 bit is supported and fully tested by Total Car Diagnostics. Laptop any brandage. With 1 free USB port. WARNING Please keep this in mind. Do NOT update this tool online, or it will get damaged and void you warranty. You MUST disconnect from internet BEFORE launching KESS software, else itll update firmware and break the device. Resources Latest KESS 2. Software will be provided via download after purchase. How to Install and Run KESS 2. Software Install Video Instructions. ORText Instructions Step 1 Disconnect internetWIFI before installing software for first time. Also internetWIFI MUST be disconnected everytime, before launching KESS software. H_CE/VfjNTiIamEI/AAAAAAAAAFU/8S24kz8s9R0/s1600/05.png' alt='Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' title='Bosch Ecu Tuning Software Download' />Step 2 Make sure hardware is NOT connected to computer when installing for first time. Step 3 Install KESS software from download link. Say Yes to all components it asks to install, including Microsoft Visual Library Drivers. Step 4 Exit software after first installation. Step 5 Plug in KESS Hardware to your USB port. Windows will now install drivers automatically. Step 6 You may now launch KESS software and connect to car. You MUST be disconnected from internetWIFI everytime BEFORE launching KESS software. Questions and Answers About KESS Tuning Kit Q Is this a master or slave version A Master version. Q Whats the difference between KESS V2 and K TAG A KESS V2 has OBD function, while KTag does not. Free basics tips for tuning your own LT1L99 PCMComputerMeaning KESS can also diagnosereadclear cars fault codes. Q Can I update KESS V2 via internet A No. DO NOT update it else youll brake the license. Well send you an email when upgrades are available. Q Whats the difference between KESS V2 and FGTech V5. A They both have large support for many cars, but they do tuning via different method. FGTech V5. 3 has BDM function, whole KESS V2 does not. KESS V2 has Anti mediation lock module, and it can do new and encrypted cars better than FGTech V5. Q Customer told us that KESS V2 can not do EDC1. Bosch EDC 1. 7 cp. CP1. 4 CAN Med. X and Bosch Bosch EDC 1. C5. 4 Passat, Golf, Crafter, Octvia, Yeti VW. EDC1. 6 all ok. A Correct, Kess V2 can not do EDC1. However it can do EDC1. Anti mediation lock module to read and write data for vehicles. Because new style vehicles have new encrypted techniques. Q How to do checksum for KESS V2 Does the KESS V2 automatically re write itAlso, can Kess V2 can do trucks like Mercedes MP1MP2MP3 or MAN TGA A Device will automatically do checksums. Q Can Kess V2 can do trucks like Mercedes MP1MP2MP3 or MAN TGA A It cant do trucks. Q If I encountered problem for checksum error when reading the ECU dow to I solve itA Install these 3 modules to solve the problem Microsoft Visual C 2. Whats Included In Your Package 1x KESS Main Unit. Version KESS V2 No Token Limitation Tuning Kit V2. Various Cables. 1x CD with KESS 2. Software, Video Install Instructions and Drives for KESS interface3 Reason Why You Should Trust and Order from Total Car Diagnostics. To Get Started. Click on Add to Cart Button Above And Well Have This Package Shipped to You By Either Today or Tomorrow.