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Setting the Photos Screensaver As Logon Screensaver in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Winhelponline. The Photos screensaver that comes in built in Windows Vista and higher, can be used as the logon screensaver as well. The logon screensaver kicks off after the specified wait time in the logon screen when no user is logged on. When you set the Logon Screen saver to sstext3d. KB314493, the sstext3d. Create ScreenSaver Software, Make ScreenSaver Software Professionally using our ScreenSaver Maker Software, Easy to Create ScreenSavers with Photos, Musicmp3wma. There are instructions all over the web on how to apply the screensaver settings to the logon desktop in Windows 2. XP systems. The steps meant for Windows XP dont work in the latest Operating Systems, and if you apply those steps for Windows Vista7 and higher, all you get is a blank screen in the logon desktop after the wait time. For Windows Vista and higher, implementation of the logon screensaver setting is slightly different. This post guides you through the process. Step 1 Configure the screensaver export the settings. KB/dialog/1167421/Install_Screen_saver.png' alt='Screensaver .Scr File' title='Screensaver .Scr File' />First configure the screensaver in your user account. Set the timeout, speed and other settings accordingly, click OK and close the dialog. The settings are applied for the logged on user account, and well have to apply the same to the logon desktop. To so this, start the Registry Editor Regedit. HKEYCURRENTUSERControl PanelDesktop. Export the branch to a REG file, say Settings 1. Open the REG the file using Notepad and remove all the values, except these four values Screen. Save. Active. Screen. Saver. Is. Secure. Screen. Save. Time. Q Is there a direct download link for IrfanView and Plugins A Yes, the links are available since years on my website. For IrfanView see the IrfanView website. Go to the folder CWindowsSystem32 and sort by filetype. Look for the screensaver file type. Find the file scrnsave. Out. SCRNSAVE. EXEUsing the Replace option in Edit menu in Notepad, replace every occurrence of the string HKEYCURRENTUSER with HKEYUSERS. DEFAULT. Save the file. Note that there is a dot. DEFAULTThe modified file should look like this Step 2 Export the Photo screensaver specific settings. Next, browse to the following branch in the Registry Editor and export the branch to a REG file, say Settings 2. The SCR format files are screensaver files. The screensaver is a moving picture that appears on the computer screen if the computer is not being used for a while. A Windows freeware tool for creating Flash based screen savers with advanced features. Apple-TV-Aerial-Screen-Saver-for-Windows-10-or-7_thumb.png' alt='Screensaver .Scr File' title='Screensaver .Scr File' />HKEYCURRENTUSERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows Photo ViewerSlideshowScreensaver. Open the REG file Settings 2. Notepad, and replace every occurrence of the string HKEYCURRENTUSER with HKEYUSERSS 1 5 1. Editors note S 1 5 1. SID of the Local Service account, under which the Photo. Screensaver. scr will run while in the logon screen. So youll essentially want to add the Photos screensaver specific settings in that hive, rather than. DEFAULTAdditional step for Windows 7 In Windows 7 and higher, the image folder path isnt stored in clear text, but in encrypted format in a value named Encrypted. PIDL. The thing is, when the above registry location that contains the lengthy Encrypted. PIDL value data, is exported to a REG file, the string is incorrectly formatted it adds line breaks which need to be fixed. Otherwise the Encrypted. PIDL value cant be imported back at all. It appears like this The line breaks should be removed manually Thanks for the tip, Michael so that the string takes one line as seen below. Save the file. Save the file Settings 2. You now have the two files Settings 1. Settings 2. reg that need to be merged with the registry. To do so, simply double click on each REG file. The settings should apply to the logon screen. Download Office 97 Italiano Torrent. Logoff and wait for a minute 6. Photos screensaver that kicks in About the author. Ramesh Srinivasan founded Winhelponline. He is passionate about Microsoft technologies and has a vast experience in the ITe. S industry delivering support for Microsofts consumer products. He has been a Microsoft MVP 2. Windows support forums. Home Microsoft Windows Windows 7 Setting the Photos Screensaver As Logon Screensaver in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Photo Screensaver Maker, Make your own screensaver with pictures, music, text. Photo Screensaver Maker is a tool to help you make your own slide show screensavers with photos, music and text captures. You can add any pictures. You can also add caption for each picture and select various transition effects for your screensaver. Then make a windows standard screensaver. Additional customization features include the option to preview screensaver at any time, choose background colors, set the slide transition time,turn sound on or off etc as you like.