Windows Phone 8 Emulator

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Windows Phone 7 was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on February 15, 2010, and released publicly on November 8, 2010 in the United. Follow these simple steps to install Bluestacks on Windows 108. The reasons and fix for graphic card error 25000. Windows Phone 8 Emulator' title='Windows Phone 8 Emulator' />Install Whats. App on Windows 1. Mac OS X, Chrome Browser. Definitely, most of you know about Whats. App messaging app, it is one of the best and most used instant chat apps for business and personal smartphones. It became more famous after Facebook acquired it. As you aware that it is built only for smartphone Operating Systems such as i. OS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS, officially it will not work on computers. Even installing and making it work on tablets require few additional steps. This simple guide explains to you how to install Whats. Windows Phone 8 Emulator' title='Windows Phone 8 Emulator' />App on Windows 1. Windows 8. 17 and Mac OS X such as mac. Windows Phone 8 Emulator' title='Windows Phone 8 Emulator' />OS, El Capitan, and Mountain Lion. Update. 2 This post has been updated with Windows 1. Bluestacks version. Bus Driver Speed Mod. Update. 1 With the recent changes and updates from Whats. App, now you can use Whats. App on Windows 1. PC and Mac OS X with Google Chrome browser and Android phone. Windows Phone 8 Emulator' title='Windows Phone 8 Emulator' />Windows Phone 8. Update and Emulators. The Windows Phone 8. Update Emulators package adds additional emulator images to an existing installation of Visual Studio. Read this simple guide about how to install and use WhatsApp on Windows 10, 8. PC and Mac OS X including Yosemite and El Capitan. You can use Chrome browser to use. This topic describes how to check and enable the prerequisites for HyperV. Windows Phone 8 Emulator runs as a virtual machine on HyperV, the virtualization. Simulate realworld interaction with a device and test the features of your app by using the tools included with Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10 Mobile. Use Microsofts online emulator to discover what you can do with Windows Phone 8. In this article you will learn how to store data in a database using SQLite in Windows Phone 8. Basically, it will be running inside the Google Chrome browser like IMO. It will be the mirror of your smartphones Whats. App app, therefore your smartphone should be online connected to the internet to be able to use Whats. App on the web browser. That means, the smartphone and web app will be paired and the app on the browser will be working through the smartphone. If you have an Android or other smartphones except i. Phone as of now with a camera and activated Whats. App on the same phone, then you are good to go. How to Use on the Windows 1. Browser Head down to official Whats. App website and scan the QR code from the Whats. App app. Make sure you have the latest version of Whats. App to get this option. On my Nexus 5 Android 5. Lollipop, the option is available as below. Once you have scanned the QR code through the app by phone where you have an active and working Whats. App, then you will be redirected quickly to a neat Whats. App Messenger app in the Google Chrome browser. That was a simple and straightforward method to use Whats. App on Windows 1. Google Chrome browser. If you cant use the above method for any reasons, here is another way by using Android emulator. You will not find installable exe version for Windows Operating System or DMG version for Mac OS X of Whats. App program because its made only for smartphones till now. We will be using the same distribution which made for smartphones and installs it on Windows and Mac by Android emulator. You can read more about the famous Windows Android emulator, Bluestacks here. Requirements to Install Whats. App on Windows 1. PC1 Working Bluestacks application on Windows and internet connectivity. A mobile phone which can receive international SMS we will be using this phone to verify and activate Whats. App on Windows 1. Steps to Install Whats. App on Windows 1. PC1 Make sure you have the working Android emulator Bluestacks on your PC. This topic describes how to deploy and run your app in Windows Phone Emulator or on a Windows Phone device connected to your development computer. Nox app player is the best android emulator I have ever seen. Nox app player for pc has some amazing features. PC. We have successfully installed Bluestacks on Windows 1. Please follow this guide to download and install Bluestacks on Windows 1. Configure the Bluestacks and setup Google account, so it will allow you to download apps from Google Play. Search for Whats. App messenger, download and install it. Accept the app permission dialog box and continue the installation. How to Activate Whats. App on Windows 1. Now the activation part. Because of Whats. App doesnt support computers and non SIM devices, we need to use the phone which is with us for activation. On the Activation screen, enter the mobile phone number that is with you. Make sure you have active mobile service to receive international SMS. This is the similar way we have used to activate Whats. App on Nexus 7. As usual, the automatic verification process will not work here because Windows 1. SMS and get activated automatically. Wait for some time, you will receive the verification SMS on the mobile phone. Enter the verification code in the next screen. Thats it, Whats. App will be activated now and ready to use on Windows 1. PC. When you have the best smartphone for business or your personal usage, these type of instant messaging apps become more important to carry with you always even on the PCs and Macs. Check out our best collection of Android file manager app you must have Simple Steps to Install and Use Whats. App on Mac OS XAs we did on Windows OS, first we need to install Android emulator before installing Whats. App on Mac OS X.   This method will work on most of the Mac Operating Systems including El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion as long as Bluestacks works on your Mac. The following demonstration had been done on OS X 1. Mavericks with Mac. Book Pro Retina display. Make sure you have a mobile phone with active service to receive SMS. Install Bluestacks Android emulator on Mac OS X as shown in our earlier guide. You can try with default Google play to download and install Whats. App. Sometimes it will not work. In that case, use Open 1. Mobile Market and search for the app. Of course, your Mac computer should have internet connectivity to download the app. Read Also How to install Whats. App on Nexus 7 and activate it. Installation is easy as doing it on smartphone. After completion, open the app and start configuring. Enter the phone number which you have to receive activation SMS. Whats. App will try to activate via SMS. Since the Bluestacks or Mac OS X cant receive any SMS, the automatic SMS activation will fail. By the time you would have received the activation code on the mobile phone. On the next screen enter the verification code. Thats it, now we are ready to use Whats. App on Mac OS X with Mac. Book or Mac. Pro. Here is the working Whats. App on my Mac. Book retina with Mavericks OS X. Hope this guide would be useful to install your favorite messaging app on Windows and Mac OS X. Download Best Android Emulator for PCYou might be aware that you can run application in your PC too. For that you have to download and install Android emulator in your PC whether its a windows device or a MAC device We have created this page to help to you get that on your computer without any problem. It provides all the facilities which everybody desire to have in their android phone. Emulator allows searching, downloading and installing various applications and games and it will certainly give new face to your device. Click Here to Download the one of the best Android Emulator that fulfill all your requirements. It has so many big features and please make sure to complete human verification process to start your downloading automatically. Top most Android Emulator to Download for Mac and Windows 8, 7 PC Weve manually picked and collected some awesome emulators that you cant live without. Its possible to download the best Android Emulator for PC available for Windows 7, 8 as well as Mac PC. Virtual Box We already discussed about Virtual Box in our previous tutorial for download XCODE in Windows OS. It has simple yet powerful features like searching, user friendly UI and ability to download and install anything. And the amazing fact is that it is totally free of cost. You can download Virtual. Box from here. Once youve that on your computer you can install type of operating system, such as Linux, MAC, Solaris, and other licensed versions of Windows. It can be easily setup and works tightly with your native environment. Blue. Stacks Emulator Blue. Stacks like Virtual Box is also popular and very easy to download. But due to complexity of its features you must installed that properly otherwise everything will be out of control. You can download it here http bluestacks app player. Once you hit the link above, download exe file allow it to install on your pc, follow all the easy instructions and you will be able to play android gamesapps or sources on your PC. You. Wave Here is another best Android Emulator for Windows device. This premium available is best known for its easy work. Almost anyone can find and install any type of games, themes and applications with little or no knowledge. You. Wave is a the kind of program that available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and MAC OS and it simply emulates the Android operating system on your mobile phone. All the given Emulators simulate each and everything on Android interface and give you totally new look and feel that you can enjoy within your PC. One of the greatest thing is that some of these emulator can also works on SC card and other extended memory devices. You can download You. Wave here http youwave. It is important to note that you cant have You Wave on your PC already having Virtual Box. If this is the case then you first need to uninstall Virtual. Box and then install You. Wave to avoid any run time errors. Jar of Beans Emulator Name says everything. If youre thinking to play Jelly Bean games on your Windows and MAC PC then Jar of Beans is the perfect emulator for you. It allows you to play any complex and easy jelly bean games on your computer. You can download that from http dec. If youre android developer and sadly dont have updated Jelly Bean then you should think to install Jar or Beans. It helps you to develop any apps that you can test on latest version of Jelly bean and ultimate release that on Android marketplace.